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As a teenager immersed in virtual reality through the Meta Quest 3 headset, Leria Glow finds herself increasingly attracted to her own stepfather. She begins to question whether he shares her affections, and soon enough, subtle hints suggest that he may feel the same way.

Intrigued and emboldened, Leria invites him to join her for a forbidden VR experience involving adult content. Wearing seductive pajamas designed specifically for such occasions, she sets out to gauge his reaction. Initially hesitant, he eventually succumbs to temptation upon witnessing her revealing attire and aroused state.

Leria wastes no time in flaunting her assets, confidently exposing her curves and hinting at what lies beneath. Her brazen behavior incites him, causing his own desire to surface. However, he attempts to resist, citing moral reasons for doing so. Undeterred, she persists in her efforts to entice him, ultimately succeeding in eliciting an erection.: